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All Professional Reserve Analyst (PRA) members are required to complete 8 credits of continuing education (CE) per year by attending education events provided by APRA or equivalent education approved by APRA. Attending the annual APRA Symposium fulfills the 8 CE credits for the year. If you do not attend the Symposium, you may earn CE credits for courses described below.

APRA Pre‐Approved Courses

APRA has pre‐approved a list of CE offerings provided free of charge by  (See list that follows) Each pre‐approved course is worth 2 CE credits so you must complete 4 courses to fulfill your 8 CE credits. You must provide a certificate of completion for each course to receive credit.

Requesting Pre‐Approval for Other Courses

You may submit a request for CE credits for other courses as long as the course:

      • Is related to the reserve study process
      • Focuses on typical component installation, maintenance, repair or inspection
      • Focuses on something that would be part of a reserve study

No CE credits will be given for teaching a course; CE credits are only given for attending a course. Please submit your request for Other Course CE credit pre‐approval to APRA Headquarters and include the following information:

      • Your name and contact information
      • Title of course
      • Number of credits requested (1 class hour = 1 CE credit)
      • Description of course

Administrative Fee

To submit either Pre‐Approved or Other Course CE credits, a $199 administrative fee must be remitted.
Please make the check payable to:
W175N11117 Stonewood Drive, Suite 104
Germantown, WI 53022
If you'd prefer to pay by credit card, please contact APRA Headquarters at or 262-532-2440, ext 12.

2018 Pre-Approved Courses - Direct Links

Each course on the below list is worth 2 credits.
AECDaily courses that are not on the list below are worth 1 credit and subject to APRA Board approval.

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