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Continuing Education with the APRA Institute

All Professional Reserve Analyst (PRA) members are required to complete 8 credits of continuing education (CE) per year by attending education events provided by APRA or equivalent education approved by APRA. 

Attending the annual Symposium fulfills the 8 CE credits for the year. If you do not attend the Symposium, you may earn CE credits for courses described below.

APRA Preapproved Courses

APRA has preapproved continuing education (CE) offerings by www.AECDaily.com which are free of charge. Each preapproved course is worth between 1-2 credits toward fulfilling 8 CE credits. You must provide a certificate of completion for each course to receive credit.

Requesting Approval for Other Courses

You may submit a request for CE credits for other courses as long as the course:

  • Is related to the reserve study process
  • Focuses on typical component installation, maintenance, repair or inspection
  • Focuses on something that would be part of a reserve study

No CE credits will be given for teaching a course; CE credits are only given for attending a course. Please submit your request for the approval of other courses to APRA Headquarters and include the following information:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Title of course
  • Number of credits requested (1 class hour = 1 CE credit)
  • Description of course

CE Approval Forms

Administrative Fee

To submit either preapproved or Other Course CE credits, a $199 administrative fee must be remitted.
Please make the check payable to:
W175N11117 Stonewood Drive, Suite 104
Germantown, WI 53022
If you'd prefer to pay by credit card, please use the online form or contact APRA Headquarters.

2021 Preapproved Courses

Worth 1-2 credit(s) each


Healthy Indoor Air Quality in Energy Efficient Buildings (1 hour)

Insulated Metal Panel Roof Systems (1 hour)

When Sound Control Matters: Floor Underlayment Solutions (1 hour)


Multi-Layer Decking: Using Cellular PVC Technology to Replicate Exotic Hardwood (1 hour)

Improving Outdoor Living Environments with Bamboo Fiber Composites (1 hour)


Exterior Perimeter Steel Pedestrian Security Gates (1 hour)

Vinyl & Aluminum Railing Systems (1 hour)


High Performance Floor Coatings (1 hour)

Landscaping & Trees

Synthetic (Artificial) Grass Specifically Designed for Dogs (1 hour)

Innovations in Segmental Retaining Walls (1 hour)

The Benefits of Synthetic (Artificial) Grass for Playgrounds (1.25 hours)

Commercial Planters: Selection Considerations & Material Options (1.25 hours)

Sustainable Water and Stormwater Management (2.0 hours)

Masonry & Concrete

Permeable Walkways with Decomposed Granite and Natural Aggregate Pathway Materials (1.5 hours)

Continuous Insulation: Comparing Energy Efficiency and Performance (1 hour)

Architectural Paving Surface Technologies and Finish Advancements (1 hour)

Exterior Perimeter Steel Pedestrian Security Gates (1 hour)

Pre-Engineered Steel Stair Systems (1 hour)

Concrete Waterproofing with Crystalline Technology (1 hour)

Architectural Paving Surface Technologies and Finish Advancements (1 hour)

Waterproofing Design and Application Procedures (1.25 hours)

Painting & Coatings

The Fresh Approach to Choosing Exterior Colors (1 hour)

Paint 201: Practical Solutions and Problem-Solving Techniques (1 hour)

LEED v4: Paint and Coatings (1.5 hours)

Understanding Paint Color Formulation: Why Pigments Matter (1 hour)

Paint Technology: Chemistry and Performance (1 hour)

How To Specify Paint (1 hour)

Understanding Prepainted Metal (1 hour)


Redefining Rooftops: Understanding Rooftop Deck Systems (1 hour)

Designing with Insulated Metal Roof Panels (1 hour)

Standing Seam Metal Roofing (1.25 hours)

Cellular PVC R&R Prefinished Shingles: Milling Makes the Difference (1 hour)

The Design Advantages of Synthetic Roofing Solutions (1 hour)

Green Roof Design Considerations (1 hour)

Black vs. White Membranes: What Is the Sustainable Energy Efficient Choice? (1 hour)

Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Systems: The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly (1 hour)

Advantages of Cold Applied Roofing Systems (1 hour)

Asphalt Roofing Systems (1 hour)

Metal Roofing Systems: Details Matter (1 hour)

Sustainability from the Top: Blue, White, & Green Roof Benefits (1 hour)

Roofing Solutions for Alpine Regions (1 hour)

The Design Advantages of Synthetic Roofing Solutions (1 hour)

Low Slope Roofing: Why Choose Thermoplastic Single-Ply Roofing Systems? (1 hour)


Wood-Plastic Composite Cladding for Sustainable Rainscreen Wall Systems (1 hour)

Engineered Wood Siding: Benefits for Sustainable Design (1 hour)

Next Generation Solid Surface (1 hour)

Wood Uses

Specifying and Using Fire-Retardant-Treated Wood (1 hour)

Designing Sustainably with Redwood Timbers (1 hour)

Acetylated Wood: Durable, Stable, Sustainable Wood for Windows, Doors & Siding (1 hour)

Preservative-Treated Wood: Specification and Use (1 hour)

Redwood Lumber: Attributes, Applications, & Environmental Benefits (1 hour)


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