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Association of Professional Reserve Analysts (APRA) is the trade association for Professional Reserve Analysts (PRAs).

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Does your homeowner association suffer from deferred maintenance, special assessments or inadequate reserve funds?  APRA PRAs provide proven solutions.

Let an APRA Professional Reserve Analyst brighten your future!

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Ask the HOA Expert: Our Board is Slow to Change 

Question: Our board is conservative and slow to change. One area where this is particularly true is with architectural and design requests. The committee the board appointed denies many applications simply because they don't conform to color, roof and siding standards that have been in place for over twenty years. There is nothing particularly outrageous about the requests, they just reflect modern standards. Opinion?  Read more....

Monetizing an HOA

Money is the grease that makes a homeowner association's wheels turn. Having enough of it in all the right places ensures the common elements are maintained and member property values sustained. While HOAs have their own governmental system, they have the ability to draw the members into the budget process in a way big government can't. With a bit of planning, the budget can be a harmonizing exercise instead of a battleground of discontent. Read more...

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